The Discovery of Sanctus

In the distant past, almost 1,000 years ago, the world knew a golden age. The peoples of Sanctus covered the world in vast numbers, inhabiting many nations and wielding powers beyond current understanding.

Then an age of darkness fell over the world. War, famine, and disease thinned populations. Great and destructive forces began to tear at the shape of the world, folding the lands over upon themselves. The old mountains fell and new ones rose to replace them. Oceans receded from their original shores and rushed into lands that fell beneath the seas. Great evil creatures walked the land and caused devastation.

The forces of the light and civilization attempted to counter the chaos, but the overwhelming nature of the cataclysm quickly set them into retreat. Many peoples began to walk together, no longer concerned about nation, race, or culture as a reason to divide. This retreat was known as the Exodus. The shared need to cooperate and survive brought them together, and eventually to Sanctus. A small island in the heart of a great sea.

Some say the Gods lifted Sanctus from the sea to shelter their people as a reward for working together in the Exodus. Others say it was nothing more than dumb luck. The truth of why and how is not known. Regardless of why or how, the refugees found each other, and Sanctus. It is accepted that only by working together can the peoples survive.

Sanctus Today

Hundreds of years have passed since the Exodus to Sanctus. None of the founding survivors remain. Their descendants have thrived on the island, pushing its resources to the limits. In the modern age it is not cataclysm and war that threatens the peoples, but overpopulation.

Sanctus itself is both an island and a city. The island is sizable enough to support the numerous peoples that have thrived here after the cataclysms reshaped the world, but too small to support their growth. As a means of comparison, consider the size of Maine to be similar to the scale of Sanctus.

The city of Sanctus lies upon a high mountain plateau. Though the island itself is in a equatorial region, the city is thousands of feet above sea level and enjoys a temperate climate, including snow on the rarest of years. The climate warms and changes as one travels down the mountains to the sea, transitioning from a high temperate land to a lush and warm jungle that has been tamed by the actions of the peoples over the last few hundred years.

There has never been a census of Sanctus, though a few have tried. The assumption is that there are well over a hundred thousand people in the city, as well as a similar number spread over the island itself. The island knows a few other cities, but the peoples in them number in the few thousands. Most of the focus of the island has been industry to support the larger city and its growth. Now overpopulation threatens the balance of resources.

Beyond Sanctus

To address the overpopulation, the Council of Sanctus has encouraged the exploration and possible repopulation of the greater world over the course of the last generation. To date the expeditions have returned minimal results, if anything at all. Some have been lost and suffered unknown fates, but others have returned with knowledge of places that might support the people's eventual return to the greater world.

Of this greater world, very little is known. Your characters are among the first to explore new lands. Lands filled with unknown peoples, possible ruins from that long ago golden age, uncharted shores, and undiscovered wonders. Your characters will help decide if the peoples of Sanctus can expand to settle these lands, or if they will stall and succumb to the challenges of overpopulation and internal strife.


Academium - "The future is behind you." - Bards, Truthseekers, & Archivists

Noble's Lodge - "Blood and Coin." - Nobles, Patrons, Wealthy, & Governance

The White Heart - "Building a better society through magic." - Mages, Do-gooders, & Champions.


The Mountain Cluster

Home of Mountain Dwarf, Stout Halfling, and Rock Gnome.

The Hills Cluster

Home of Hill Dwarf and Dragonborn.

The Plains Cluster

Home of High Elf, Half-elf, Human, and Lightfoot Halfling.

The Forest Cluster

Home of Wood Elf Half-elf, and Forest Gnome.

The Urban Cluster

Home of Drow, Half-elf, Human, Half-orc, and Tiefling.

Adjacent Regions

Black River Island

A fortified island housing a few hundred people at the mouth of the Black River that spills out of the bayous of the North Continent. The northern tip of the island houses an ancient, fortified lighthouse that has been reclaimed, modernized, and serves as the protective foundation of the point of light.

The island itself is small, a half mile in length and a third in width. With the recent expansion of the Albannich people out of Sanctus others have joined seeking wealth, adventure, glory, or other powers not available in the settled lands. The island is ruled by March Warden Dougal Ainsley (Human - Albannich, Male, 37)  and currently relies on supplies from Sanctus to survive. It has been populated for only 10 years and over half the island is still wild.


Verloren is a port town in a growing frontier region, as well as a burgeoning trade hub for exotic goods. The town was established by a the New Cadeni Company (or just “the Cadeni Company”) that maintains order and protects the town but is otherwise laissez-faire. Other aspects of life are self-governed by locals, but leading citizens and businesses are often part of the Cadeni Company.

As the settlers, miners, loggers, and traders from Sanctus push into the wilderness, they discover ruins, find new resources, and come into contact (and conflict) with the residents. In the last few years, Verloren has become the terminus of trade route from the mysterious, mountainous interior.


The largest settlement in the Archipelago (and its namesake), Summerport is a hub of commerce and mercantilism far to the southeast of the mainland. Once the nexus of slave trade in the known world, after the Exodus lower classes revolted and took control of the city repurposing it first as a pirate haven, and soon after a legitimate free city recognized the world over. Former slaves now search the isles for the last remaining slavers, who still overwhelmingly control most trade routes, salvaging amassed wealth for the glory of Summerport.

Summerport Isle is the main land mass of the Summerport Archipelago, with several other smaller settlements dotting the remaining coastline. The mountainous center surrounded by dense jungles is largely uncharted, full of exotic creatures and ruins of bygone eras. Kegrove is a small town on the opposite side of the Isle from the City of Summerport. Known for its Mage’s College and one of the greater agricultural. Rumors of missing citizens have emerged as of late, and the local Constabulary is offering large rewards for any information...

Far Reach